April 18 - 21, 2010 at the Fermenting Cellar in Toronto

Martyrdom in Palestine

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The challenge was to create an unbiased, educational, and visually dynamic information design booklet formed around my research topic: Martyrdom in Palestine (An Investigation of Suicide Bombing). Visually, the information is rich and complex but structured in an organized way to allow the viewer to understand the complex topic. The design navigates viewers throughout the document, which allows them to create relationships, see similarities and differences, and give the viewers a new perspective and deep understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This method of presenting information works well as it allows the viewer to enter the information in many ways. This project has involved much strategic planning and demonstrates skill in the process of data gathering and critical analysis. As well, it demonstrates skill in a clear and accurate presentation of information with strong attention to detail.

Large Information Graphic (Foldout in Booklet)

Cover and Inside Spread Details

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